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Truly remarkable

What started as my own Personal Passion for Music and the drive to make music my life, I started with my own home studio.


As a young kid, Egg boxes were used for “Sound Treating” my walls when all the neighbours could hear were snares, high hats, Bass drums and Cymbals... Obviously these NEVER worked. I then started researching the best ways to “sound Proof “ my home studio. All I wanted was to bang my drums without the noise complaints.

This is were the journey of Oxland Acoustics started.

From egg boxes, to Foam to Rockwool Panels. Demo garage bands to Tours and Audiences of    15K+ more people, 34K Facebook Fans, 2 million Video hits...

What began as my own endeavour to treat my walls became my business and the opprtunity to help others was born.

Being a Music producer, and Drummer myself gave me the inside scoop and knowledge of what was needed to produce the best sounds, with the least interference.

I started making some acoustic panels, with top quality, International spec material with the know-how from former Acoustic Masters in their trade. I put the panels up in my home studio and started making music.

Mates and friends, and friends of friends, started talking about the difference in sound, and the progression from when I first started playing. In fact the very first panels I made for myself were bought right off my walls by Mr Claude Ndlovu who has made quite the name for himself in the music Industry, with direct connection to David Gresham Records, Sony Music Global and the likes.

Word of Mouth got around and boom! orders came streaming in.

I then started posting Gumtree ads, and my business took flight.

I now run a successful Acoustic Sound Treatment company that all began with passion.

My aim is to Provide Top Quality Acoustic treatments at affordable rates for all who wish to take their music to the next level. It doesn’t stop there though, we offer Insane products for Household function, Religious Worship Centres, Corporate Businesses, etc to name just a few.

SO, if you want the perfect Acoustic treatment for you, contact me and We at Oxland Acoustics will strive to make your dream sound a reality.